Cosar Mold's 30th Anniversary!

May 9, 2018

On March 16, 2018, Cosar Mold Inc. celebrated their 30th Anniversary and Profit Sharing with a wonderful party held at the Kent State Hotel. The food was catered by the hotel. There was a delicious spread with salad, beef tips, salmon, potatoes and green beans. Dessert was an ice cream bar with various toppings along with cookies and brownies. There was even a candy bar for guests to fill up bags to take home and favors on the tables. Entertainment was provided by Pat Vaughn and his three person band, playing covers and original music. All employees were in attendance with guests as well as the owners and their families including past retirees. During the evening awards were given out for several employees who were celebrating various years of service. Jerry Johnson and Jessica McEwuen were awarded for 15 years of service and John Brutoczky was awarded with 10 years with the company. Prizes were also given out to each employee as well as their Profit Sharing checks for the 2017 year. There was everything from restaurant gift cards all the way up to Cleveland Browns and Cavs tickets. Everyone had a great time and left the party with full hearts and stomachs. Special thanks to the Kent State Hotel for the wonderful job they did in helping us with our celebration.